Master oral expression in french

Thanks to REAL conversations with REAL people !

Forget the “you understand French but you can’t speak it”. 

The speaking is the final step before putting “fluent” on your résumé. 

Practicing a language is first of all a matter of communication and exchange.

That’s not something you can do on your own with a book or rare interactions. 

You need support! Good news, that’s something I can help you with.

What you'll get

Real Conversations

The best way to speak French is to actually speak it. We’ll be talking about many different topics together. You’ll have the opportunity to talk with a native French speaker, hence, we’ll have real interactions together. Talking to me will be a training for the future conversations you could have in your personal or professional life. Since speaking a language is supposed to be fun and we’ll keep it that way!  


At the end of each talk, I’ll tell you the various mistakes you’d have done, correct your accent and explain to you how you could improve yourself. You could talk to me like a friend, there will be no judgements only support. I’ll help you day after day to improve your skills and get used to speaking in French. Of course, you could also ask me all your questions. 


Obviously, your results will also depend on the program you choose and your existing competencies in French speaking. However, you’ll  for sure have a better command of the language, a better accent, and you’ll be much more confident in your capacities. Being fluent in French would allow you to communicate with millions of people, improve your employability, or make your dream of living in France comes true.