The purpose of this website is to help you to speak in French.

I’m gonna show you how to do it.

Living in France, improving your employability, making your next trips easier, whatever the reason why you wanna speak French, you are at the right place.

I wondered myself why someone would read this page… Hmmm, let me guess.

You have already studied French right? Actually you‘re pretty good at understanding it in general. 
Perhaps you’re also good at writing in French (congrats it is difficult even for French people). 
There is only one problem, you don’t speak it. Or at least not good enough otherwise I assume that you wouldn’t be reading this page.
Am I right?

You realized that you don’t need much to put “fluent” on your résumé, one skill, one last skill this all you need.
You just have to add one more piece to complete the puzzle.

So, you kept working on your speaking, you tried to talk to yourself but it was too unnatural.
You tried to talk with some friends but it stopped. You perhaps even tried to go in France but you have understood that it’s not that easy to communicate with French people if your speaking level is not already good enough.

I’m pretty sure you’ve also tried to look up on Google some tips and you’ve found hundreds of pages and videos.

After all these efforts, did it work?

No unfortunately… Your speaking is currently not good enough to speak naturally with native speakers, not good enough to tell your employer that you can handle French customers, not good enough to scream proudly to the world “YES I DO SPEAK FRENCH!”

That’s normal.

Speaking a language is not something you can do on your own or with rare interactions. That’s not how it works.

Being able to understand French shows a partial command of the language but if you don’t speak it, it’s pointless.
It’s like being an ostrich, you have wings but you’re not able to fly. You’re condemned to watch the royal eagles to dominate the sky.

Don’t you think that’s unfair?!

There are thousands of people who have learned French at the exact same period as you and don’t have any difficulties to speak it now.
Some people were at the beginning less good than you, the only difference is that they found the last piece of the puzzle.

What a cruel world.

The good news is that you can do it, you can also find the last piece of your puzzle, you can also become a royal eagle if you use the right method.

Let me ask you a few questions:

When was the last that someone told you “So basically you understand French, but you can’t speak it right”?

When was the last time that you wondered yourself “Should I put French on my résumé? What if I have to speak”?

When was the last time that your parents told you “You should keep working on your French”?

When was the last time that you dreamed of living in France?

Hi. I’m Mikaël Coutin. I’m gonna show you how to speak French, how to express yourself in this wonderful language in formal or informal contexts. Together we’re gonna prove wrong to all the people who doubted about your capacity to master this language.

About me

The first thing that you need to know about me is that I’m a native French speaker, therefore, I’ve spent the major part of life at speaking that language. I’ve been France champion of fencing and I love crepes. So, I’m usually the Frenchiest person that most people know.
I’m also fluent in English and I’m about to master a third language during this year (Spanish).

Okay that’s right English is much easier to learn than French I agree. However, you probably already know that most French people suck at English. For many of us (including me before) being fluent in another language seems impossible.

When I learned English, I faced the same difficulties and obstacles that you’re facing with French.

I’m so glad to have persisted! Switching from a language to another daim that’s so cool!

That’s addictive that’s why I wanna learn other ones.


I grew up in the North, in Nancy. I integrated a business school with some of my best friends. Tough, we were not on the same campus, I was in France studying in French and they chose to study in English in Germany at the Nurnberg’s campus.

During my first year of studies I decided to stay in France because “I didn’t feel ready”.
Then I got obsessed with improving my English because I knew that not being fluent in a foreign language would be a great obstacle to my future career.

When my friends came to Nancy with their classmates, I tried to talk to them, I was so ashamed of myself and my inability to communicate with them. It seemed so easy for my friends, I felt inferior to them at this specific moment. 

I felt like an ostrich that has put her head into the ground for one year to avoid facing the truth and the supremacy of the eagles. Then, I made the promise that I would never be an ostrich anymore, I wanted to be a royal eagle. That’s why for my second year I’ve moved to Germany.

My friend Winnie

Since all my lectures were in English my level of understanding and writing were much higher at the end of the year.
Even so, I knew that to improve my speaking I had to practice again and again.
That’s why I’ve spent all my time with Winnie and Manu two friends of mine who were in my class. They both helped me a lot to improve myself.

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-26 at 23.53.46 copy

Later Winnie confessed me that before studying business in Nurnberg she studied medicine in France (don’t ask why that’s still a mystery to me). Therefore, she was able to understand French, to read it, and even write it a bit, impressive right?
There was only one problem, she couldn’t speak it. She was too shy and perfectionist to practice with random French speakers.
She needed support, she needed a friend who won’t judge her.

At the end of the school year she asked me to help her to express herself in French orally.
We met each other 3, 4 times to talk French together, but then we had difficulties to find time, and motivations (does it sound familiar to you?).

Since it was the end of the year, I left Germany for Spain to do my internship.

Unfortunately, I didn’t pay back my debt to Winnie…

I remember that she corrected me so many times in English and spend so much time at explaining me how I should pronounce words.
The simple fact that I left Germany without being able to help her back disgusted me. I had the feeling to have abused her. I got obsessed with it.

She kept telling me that it wasn’t so bad that she would improve her speaking later and that I didn’t have to worry about this.
Deep down I knew she was lying to me.

The worst thing is that she was already good at French, she just needed one last skill to master it! I can’t imagine how frustrating it has to be.
I think the worst moment for her was to be able to understand conversations but in the incapacity to join them.
It’s like being invited at a party without being able to enter.

I couldn’t stand the idea to let Winnie down like this. On the other hand since she asked me to help her with French at the very end of the year in Nurnberg, once I left both of us didn’t have time anymore to talk as much as we used to do.

This is what I thought until the day I realize that if I really wanted to help her back, and if she really wanted to speak French, it just depended on us, and our determination. After this day, Winnie and I we talked French 1 hour each day for 3 months.

At the beginning it was a bit difficult she needed a lot of time to make a sentence and she was doing a lot of mistakes.
I’ve always been trying to support her, correct her like she did to me.
At one point she didn’t care about the mistakes anymore. She understood that it was a necessary step to improve her speaking. 

We talked, again and again. We talked early in the morning, we talked late in the night.
When we had nothing to do, when we got bored, when we had something to share, we talked.
At the end of this period she was perfectly able to speak in French, but not thanks to me, it was thanks to her persistence, her efforts.
There were no “I don’t have time”, we made time.

How am I gonna help you?

After that I realized that there were probably thousands of people who were in the same situation as Winnie.
There were thousands of little Winnie who were waiting for my help! That’s why I created this website. 

You’re stuck with French speaking? You understand French but you can’t speak it?
The answer is practice. More you practice faster the connection in your brain will be, and less mistakes you’ll do.

So, what are we gonna do? We’re gonna talk.
It’s as simple as that. All your teachers and these online trainings tried to make it more complex than it really is.
You don’t need to talk with a certified teacher to improve your speaking, only to talk with someone who has a better command of the language than you. A native speaker is more than enough. 

Moreover, speaking a language it’s experiencing it, feeling it.
It’s not something boring to do like the grammar.
Actually, the speaking is the coolest part of the learning process. So why so many people get stuck at that step?
Because they need support. They need a friend, a partner, a buddy who would help them to progress.

Do you think Usain Bolt became the fastest man of the world on his own?
Of course no, his coach helped him to fully exploit his potential.
Sometimes, we all need a coach. 

Your French

There’re plenty of reasons to speak French and they are all good.

Let me tell you something. That’s doable. Yes, you can do it.
You just need to start practicing.

After having read this page there will be two types of people:

– The “It looks nice I’ll do it tomorrow, when I’ll have time…”
That’s the ostriches, they prefer finding excuses and put their head into the ground rather than at least try something that could solve their problem.

– There is also the “It looks nice, let’s give it the try”.
Those ones are the eagles.

The moral of the story is DON’T BE AN OSTRICH!

Actually, I don’t blame the ostriches, they sometimes just need to be reassured a bit to open their wings, flying, and then realizing that in fact they were royal eagles.

If you’re still doubting about my ability to improve your speaking give me one week to convince you.

Each day we’ll talk for one hour, and at the end of the week if you’re still not convinced you could stop.
It’s perfectly free, in 7 days I’ll give you 7 hours of my time and I won’t ask you anything in exchange.

I only ask you one thing, TRY IT! You’ve nothing to lose, either it doesn’t work but it’s okay since you don’t pay anything.
Or, you realize that is your chance to finally master oral expression in French.

Be an eagle.