you understand french?
Speak it now!

you wanna speak french but you don't know how to do it?

You want to improve yourself, and prove to everyone that you can speak French.
Accessing better jobs, easier travels, being able to communicate with 284 millions of people, you have already thought about all the advantages.

You feel  lonely.
You don’t know anyone motivated enough to talk regularly French with you, and help you to improve yourself.
You don’t feel confident when you talk French.
You know that you’re doing many mistakes, and you don’t want to be judged.
You realise that you need to practice with somebody.
Somebody who will correct your mistakes without judging you.

I’m a native French speaker, I’ve already helped a friend of mine to master French.
Now it’s your turn. I’m willing to help you to speak a proper French!
I’m gonna help you step by step to be confident in yourself and your French.
You’ll do less mistakes, you’ll have a better accent, but most of all you’ll speak French!

I’m Mikaël Coutin, the founder of Express Yourself. My goal?
Show you the path to master oral expression in French.

Here are the steps to master oral expression in french :

1) Find a motivated  native French speaker to be your partner.

2) Practice 1 hour every day.

3) Make your mistakes corrected by your partner. 

4) Be familiar with the 5000 most common words

5) Finally improve your accent.

Oral Expression

  • Do you want acquire this last competence you’re missing?
  • Do you want to put “fluent in French” on your résumé? 
  • Do you want to prove to your family, your friends, your colleagues that you finally made it?!
  • Do you want to use your future oral fluency to access better jobs, and travel throughout France and other French speaking countries?

Then, this page is made for you. 

I’m a native French speaker, I fluent in English and I’m about to master Spanish.
I’ve already helped a friend of mine to speak fluently in French

I’m gonna guide you through the learning path, and show you how to get this last skill by following the method I’ve developed step by step.

If you want to speak French without getting lost in the thousands of “hacks” this method is what you need.  

I assume you’re reading this page because you do not speak French but you’re willing to.
You’ve tried many different techniques but nothing worked though…

Your fluency relies on three pillars

  • Regularity:
    To speak a proper French you must practice frequently, more you speak, faster the connection in your brain will be, and you will have a larger vocabulary. Obviously, if you speak French twice a week it’s better than nothing but it will take you ages to be fluent. Without regularity you have no chance to succeed that’s why you should speak French as much as you can.
    By practicing on a regular basis you maximise your experiences with the language and significantly increase your odds to reach your objective.

  • Support:
    One the biggest difference between oral expression and the other competences of a language is the absolute need to be supported by someone. Thanks to all the resources available online you can learn on your own how to read in French or get better at understanding spoken conversations, but you won’t be able to speak properly if nobody is with you to support you, correct your mistakes in a real time, and help you to improve your accent. You need an actual person, not a Youtube video.

  • Engagement:
    By engagement I mean the level of investment of the student as well as the one of the teacher. For instance, the engagement you will have with a mobile app that you will open twice a week is very low.  In the same way, practicing spoken French with videos sent by an online training can be a good complement but will never be as efficient as a real conversation in real time. The engagement of both parts has to be balanced, if you’re serious enough to be present to the course it has to be the same for your teacher, otherwise, it can’t work. 

Why it didn't work so far?

  • Private French lessons 
  • Discussions with a native French speaker (not on a regular basis)
  • Going in France 
  • Language apps
  • … 

All these things did not work for very simple reasons. Your success rely on (motivation; regularity; support