you understand french?
Speak it now!

"Understanding is not a problem but speaking..."

You want to improve yourself, and prove to everyone that you can speak French.
Accessing better jobs, easier travels, being able to communicate with 284 millions of people,
you have already thought about all the advantages.


You feel  lonely.

You don’t know anyone motivated enough to talk regularly French with you,
and help you to improve yourself.

You don’t feel confident when you talk French.

You know that you’re doing many mistakes, and you don’t want to be judged.

You realise that you need to practice with somebody.

Somebody who will correct your mistakes without judging you.

I’m a native French speaker, I’ve already helped a friend of mine to master French.
I’m gonna help you step by step to be confident in yourself and your French.
You’ll do less mistakes, you’ll have a better accent, but most of all you’ll speak French!

I’m Mikaël Coutin, the founder of Express Yourself. My goal?
Show you the path to master oral expression in French.

Here are the steps to master oral expression in french :

1) Find a motivated  native French speaker
to be your partner.

2) Practice 1 hour every day.

3) Make your mistakes corrected by your partner. 

4) Be familiar with the 5000 most common words

5) Finally improve your accent.


Oral expression


Do you want acquire this last competence that you’re missing?

Do you want to put “fluent in French” on your résumé? 

Do you want to prove to your family, your friends, your colleagues that you finally made it?!

Do you want to use your future oral fluency to access better jobs, and travel throughout France and other French speaking countries?

Then, this page is made for you. 

I’m a native French speaker, I fluent in English and I’m about to master Spanish.
I’ve already helped a friend of mine to speak fluently in French

I’m gonna guide you through the learning path, and show you how to get this last skill by following the method I’ve developed step by step.

If you want to speak French without getting lost in the thousands of “hacks” this method is what you need.  

I assume you’re reading this page because you do not speak French even if you understand it pretty well.

You’ve tried many different techniques but nothing worked out so far…

Let me tell you why.


Your success relies on five pillars



To speak a proper French you must practice frequently, more you speak, faster the connection in your brain will be, and you will have a larger vocabulary.

Obviously, if you speak French twice a week it’s better than nothing but it will take you ages to be fluent.

Without regularity you have no chance to succeed that’s why you should speak French as much as you can. 

By practicing on a regular basis you maximise your experiences with the language and significantly increase your odds to reach your objective.


One of the biggest difference between oral expression and the other competences of a language is the absolute need to be supported by someone.

Thanks to all the resources available online you can learn on your own how to read in French or get better at understanding spoken conversations, but you won’t be able to speak properly if nobody is with you to support you.

You need somebody to correct your mistakes in a real time, and help you to improve your accent.

You need an actual person, not a Youtube video.


It is the certainty that the quality of the courses or the usage rate won’t decrease through the time.

Without durability even if you have the best method ever it will be useless if its quality or its usage rate decrease significantly.

The absence of durability is also detrimental for the regularity and the engagement of the program.

For instance, if you find a native speaker online or ask to a friend to help you with French, you might fulfilling all the criteria but usually your partner won’t spend 4 or 5 hours of his time to talk with you each week.

Even if he accepts to do it for only 1 or 2 hours it won’t be regular enough to make serious and quick  progress.


The question is simple: Does the teaching method prepare you well to real situations that you may experience in formal or informal contexts? 

Some mobile apps will tell you that they are the best tools to speak fluently, but let’s be honest you won’t become fluent in French by repeating phrases through your phone.

In the end, if you’re not able to adapt yourself in very informal or formal situations we can say that your program did not prepare you well.


By engagement I mean the level of investment of the student as well as the one of the teacher.

For instance, the engagement you will have with a mobile app that you will open twice a week is very low.  

In the same way, practicing spoken French with videos sent by an online training can be a good complement but will never be as efficient as a real conversation in real time.

The engagement of both parts has to be balanced, if you’re serious enough to be present to the course it has to be the same for your teacher, otherwise, it can’t work. 

Why it didn't work so far?

All these things did not work for a very simple reason, your success relies on a fragile equilibrium between those five pillars.

Whatever the program that you want to follow, before joining it assess its efficiency with the those criteria. 

If it’s not balanced, being fluent in French will be much more difficult, and long.

As you can see none of these options can be considered as a real, efficient, and sustainable solution since there is not a single one that possesses the five pillars.

Because of this, you may have faced or experienced the various problems or limitations of the solutions you’ve tried.

Sometimes you even felt stuck…

10 stages of being stuck in French


Stage 1

Stage 1


“One more skill and I’m fluent!”


Stage 2

Stage 2

Stage 2

First distraction

“I have no time now but I’ll start next week”


Stage 3


“Guys! Guess what? I’m gonna speak French soon! “


Stage 4

Back to the reality

“I didn’t think that it would be that hard”


Stage 5


“That video was so inspiring, let’s work seriously now”


Stage 6


“My speaking level is not so bad”


Stage 7


“Do I really want to speak French?”


Stage 8


“Am I stupid? I’ve tried so many things but I still can’t speak French” 


Stage 9


“Speaking French is not as important as I thought”


Stage 10


“I’m never going to speak a proper French”


So what now?


You've two possibilities:


Option 1:

You give up

By giving up you do realise that you could not make your dream to live in France comes true. 

You’re also abandoning all the opportunities to get better jobs thanks to French.

You renounce to all the crazy, inspiring, and beautiful people that you could have met thanks to French.

You’re fully aware of all the things that you’ll miss and could have changed your life for the best and you renounce to them despite the fact that you just need one more skill to be fluent.

Well, that’s your choice…

Option 2:

You try one last thing

Now you know why all the “amazing” methods that you’ve tried did not work.

Thanks to the five pillars you know exactly what you need to finally get fluent.

This information gives you motivation and makes you want to keep practising French!

You realise that you’re not that far to achieve your goal, this is the final sprint.

By reading this page you’ve just got something, you’ve found the key that will open up the door to enter into another world full of interactions and opportunities.

You're almost there!

As I said previously, it wasn’t your fault so far if you did not succeed to manage being fluent in French.

You just didn’t have the right method, but if you give up despite the fact that you’ve just found it, then you won’t have any excuses.

If learning  a foreign language would be a race, mastering oral expression would be the last meters before getting to the finishing line.

It’s the final sprint!

When you’ve run the whole route and you can finally see the finishing line,

What do you do? Do you give up?
Of course not!

You do this last effort to avoid having any regrets and in the end you realise that it definitely worth it! 


What the perfect method would look like?



At least 1 hour 5 days per week.


Your mistakes and your accent are corrected in real time by a real person.


You are sure that the quality of the courses and the usage rate of the platform won’t decrease. 


You’ll practice the language in formal and informal contexts.


You and your partner will be fully involved in the process. Both of you will make time to practice French together. 


When you think about it it’s very clear, you want to practice French with somebody who won’t judge you but make you feel comfortable and confident in yourself.

You need someone who won’t hesitate to interrupt you to kindly explaining you how you should’ve said something or showing you the right way to pronounce a specific word.

You need to feel that you can do as many mistakes as you want and that you can make repeat your partner hundreds times the same thing without feeling bad because you have room for error!

You need someone who will always be available to talk to you in French even several hours during the week without having the feeling of annoying this person.

When you think about this perfect method you can already see from a week to another that you’ve progressed. Practicing French has never been more simple, it became a part of your daily life.

You know that what you’re learning is useful and that you could use it in various occasions in your personal and professional life.

By choosing this method you would know that you’ve taken the right decision because you’d have never been more involved in giving you the chance to achieve your goal of speaking French. 

What if such method existed?

Would you say: “Let’s not wait any longer, where do I sign?!”

Guess what? 

It exists!


Here’s what I offer you:

Depending on the subscription you choose you’ll have access to the platform for 3, 6, or 12 months. 

Is it really different?


At the first glance it doesn’t look very different from the “talking to a French friend”, yet it is way better. If you remember well this method could not be considered as a real solution due to a lack of Regularity and Durability.

Indeed, whatever the person that you’re gonna talk to, she won’t spend 5 hours of her time each week to make you practice your French.

May be she will agree to do 2 or 3 hours per week but with such a poor amount of time spent at speaking French don’t expect quick and noticeable results.

Of course, for the person who is supposed to help you with French it’s a big investment.

If you ask a friend of yours he or she will be probably too tired or busy to do it. That’s why the method of “talking with a French friend” was lacking of Regularity.

Let’s be optimistic and assume that you’ve found someone as motivated as you and agree to spend this much time to help you with French.

I guess the courses will be frequently postponed, that during some periods your friend won’t be available and you could not speak French for days, or weeks.

Finally, I think the number of courses will decrease weeks after weeks until the moment your friend tells you that he or she is not available anymore.

As you can see Durability is also capital for your success.

Even if your friend is willing to help you with French his motivation and his investment will certainly decrease through the time.

On one hand, you won’t practice as much as you used to do, on the other hand, the quality of the courses won’t be as good as it used to be.

After some courses, none of you will know what to say, you’ll just look at each other and desperately searching for a new topic.

As I just demonstrated to you talking to a French friend would not be a sustainable solution, however it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing we can do to improve it.

My strategy consists in counterbalancing the weaknesses of this method to create a complete  solution to your problem. I just add the missing pillars to transform an unsteady house of cards into a solid castle.

So what did we say? A lack of Regularity and Durability?


By practicing 1 hour each working day you could perfectly get use to speaking French and making it part of your daily routine.

The good thing is that it won’t become a constraint at all since you’ll be free during the weekends.

Weeks after weeks you could see how much you progress.

You’ll notice that the words come out of your mouth faster than it used to be, that you do less mistakes, that  you’re more familiar with some expressions,
and that you start being good at French.


My method gives you the opportunity to prove how much you want to speak French by offering you 3 months of courses.

I think it’s a pretty good start don’t you think?

At the end of each week you and your partner will agree on the hours for the following one. There won’t be “sorry can we postpone the today’s lesson” or “I’m not free at the moment”.

You and your partner will make time for each other. This way you can be sure the usage rate won’t decrease. The courses have also been prepared beforehand which is usually not the case if you only ask a friend of yours.

To sum up:



Is that all?


So yes, you might be a bit disappointed, may be you were expecting a revolutionary technique something incredibly innovative.

Sorry to disappoint you but there’s no secret technique or something, if you want to speak fluently in French, if you want to master oral expression, the easiest way to do it is still to speak.

It is as simple as that.

Most of the time people say they want to do something but they actually never do it.
It’s easier for them to wish something, think about it, to actually do it.

This applies to many people and many different topics. 

Screenshot 2020-07-26 at 11.39.47

Think less, Do more!


Get started now with

Express Yourself


At this point if you’re not convinced I really don’t get you. Isn’t all what you wanted? 

A personalised service focused on you and your progress

The opportunity to speak French with a native speaker

The possibility to practice on a regular basis

Not being judged

Being able to adapt yourself depending on the situation

In short, you’ve everything in your hands to become perfectly fluent in French. 



Look it's simple, Express Yourself is made for you if

You’re already good at understanding spoken and written French. You get everything or most of it. Writing is a plus but it’s not necessary. 

Your speaking level is not as good as you wish. You do mistakes and you need a lot of time to make a sentence. 

You sincerely want to speak French but nothing worked so far. 

You don’t want to be judged when you speak. You want to practice with someone that makes you feel comfortable 

If you think you fulfil those criteria, well, there’s only one thing left to do…



Join the program and start practicing!

The price of this service is 540€ 

One-time payment
Payment in three instalments
Payment in six instalments

(Save 40€)




You know what? I’m even ready to give you a guarantee.

You're either SATISFIED or REFUNDED!

Up to 15 days after your purchase you can ask for a refund if you think that you won’t improve yourself. 

Just send me an email and I will refund you. 



Why should you sign up now?


I really want to give you a very personalised service, focused on you and your progress. That’s why I wanna make good courses that will be useful, interesting and stimulating for you.

Right now I’m preparing the courses with some people who are used to teach languages.

On the other hand I don’t want  the courses to be too formal with a strict relation student/teacher. I want  equality, Human to Human. 

My approach is more natural, I want you to create a good relationship with your partner. By the way it’s much likely that you become friends.

For all these reasons I’m right now lowering the price of the service.

I’m doing a presale, the first people to join the adventure will pay much less to be fluent in French rather than those who will do it when the courses will already be fully prepared.

Basically it means that if you wait a bit and be like
“That’s interesting I’ll get back to it soon”
It’ll be too late!

Then you’ll have to pay a higher price and the only thing that you’re gonna say is”I should have done it right away” and I’ll be “Told ya!!”

Another thing that you can’t neglect is that if you subscribe now your feedback about the courses will be essential to us. Thanks to you we could improve the quality of our service and redesign the courses according to YOU!

Your partner will be ready to listen to you.

By doing this we both help each other, you’ll be fluent in French and thanks to you we get closer to create the most personalised learning platform ever. 

Let’s not waste time or money and sign up now!


Do you still have questions?

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Screenshot 2020-08-03 at 22.40.21
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I've only one thing to say:

Express Yourself


We spent most of our lives at being envious of other people. 

“He’s  more handsome than me”

“She’s wealthier than me”

We see each other’s success and wonder how they did it.
We feel guilty about our failures and resign yourself…

Though, you should distinguish things you can and cannot influence.

As soon as you did it, stay focused on those that you can change, and never compared yourself with other people.
The only person you can compare with, is the old version of yourself.

There's always a bigger fish

In the end we’re confronted to our own limits.
There’s no shame in admitting that we cannot do everything on our own.
Sometimes everyone needs a little help. 

You know there are many people like you on earth.
They’re struggling with something they want to accomplish.
It can be speaking a language, acquiring a new skill, fulfilling their dream, etc. 

Finally they just resign themselves and never realise they were so close to achieve their final goal.

Many people go a lifetime at trying to do things on their own and fail.
Then, they become frustrated, and even give up. Think about it.
That’s DECADES of frustration.

This could have been avoided if they had found the right person to talk to.

How many people do you know who keep missing opportunity after opportunity…
Even though they claim they want changes in their lives?

How many people do we know who are 40, 50, even 60 years old, who keep repeating

” I could have…”

“I should have…” 

Now, fast forward in your own life: What if you did nothing differently today…and ended up like them tomorrow?

You don’t have to do this alone. I went through the painstaking process of  learning how to SPEAK a language. 

I created Express Yourself as your “personal training ground” to improve your confidence, speak a good French whatever the situation you may face up, keep you motivated, active, and  optimistic. 

3 months from now, you’re going to speak French. What else do you want to do?

One-time payment
Payment in three instalments
Payment in six instalments

(Save 40€)